Chris at Happy Hour

Chris serves as a Platform Engineer for BTI360 Inc. He has 12 years in the software industry, evenly split between application development and Cloud infrastructure development.

Chris began his career in embedded software development using C++ and FPGAs before transitioning to message-based Java applications. As his teams migrated towards microservice-based architectures hosted in the Cloud, Chris pivoted to fill gaps in the infrastructure-as-code and Cloud architecture spaces. Chris served six years as the Director of Professional Engineering at BTI360, where he led the internal technical training program, before deciding to focus full time as an infrastructure-as-code engineer.

Chris specializes in bootstrapping teams with infrastructure-as-code tooling and practices including Cloud infrastructure definition (Terraform and CloudFormation), server configuration (Ansible and Puppet), server templating (Packer), build tooling (Gradle and Make) and CI/CD (Jenkins, GitLab CI, and AWS CodeBuild).

Chris Biking with Trailer

Software aside, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and family. During the COVID-19 pandemic, He developed a love of biking wherever he can. With his son home during the pandemic, he and his wife worked staggered schedules to accomodate work and childcare. During “Daddy daycare” time, Chris would bike to playgrounds in the area, with his son in a trailer behind him. This continued through all four seasons. A deep appreciation for warm socks and insulated cycling shoes was nurtured. After his son resumed pre-school, the love of biking remained, now expressed through regularly biking to the office.

Chris’ other hobbies include Getting Things Done, coffee, cooking, beer, coffee, wine, and coffee. The occasional bourbon or mixed drink is swell. Chris has been impressed by the non-alcholic drink movement. He is not overly fond of tea… yet.